Hey everyone,

Happy December ! The Christmas season is officially upon us and it can certainly be seen and heard all around.

The cleaning, baking, dinners, office lunches and who can forget the shopping, are all in full swing. I realised last year that I really love the Christmas season . Not just because of the gifts, but because of the singing and family. That newness that you get around this time. Then my birthday is in January so I’m always thinking how my year went and how I could do better next year.  The following is another piece I wrote at the end of November as I was thinking. Hope you enjoy. God bless…..


As I explore the inner parts of  me I see things that should not be.

As I explore I see hurt, anger, insecurities and pain bottled up to remain.

Untouched  unmoved.  This can’t be.

It contributes to a toxic me. It gives the bad a chance to thrive.

An atmosphere to stay alive.

I want to be free. I want to be the best possible Jiselle.

The one I was meant to be.

Yes I explore and go deep to see the things I should not keep.

I identify and open one by one the issues I’ve kept untouched and undone.

I ask for help and I acknowledge  the truth.

It’s only through Christ I can truly be free.

It’s only He can clean the inner me.

Lord help me to love, let go and live.

Help me let go of things that should never be attached to me.

Help me to love people for who they are and accept who they choose to be.

Lord help me to love them for who they are and not try to change them into who I feel they should be.

Help me let go of anger and pain until only your love, joy and peace remain.

Where impatience used to be allow your patience to be birthed in me.

Daily as you choose to forgive me, Lord help me also to forgive.

Clean my heart and my mind so I can be the gift you created me to be.

Love Jiselle

Explore cave, Photo by Tobi from Pexels




6 thoughts on “EXPLORE”

  1. Hi Giselle!
    Thanks, for your intro to and ‘Explore’ piece.
    Here’s to peace with God’s washing away the toxic within us: Acts 2:36-47 and Rom 6:1-12.

    God bless

    PS Love your welcoming photo on side-bar! 🙂

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