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Hey everyone ! 

This is something I wrote a week or more ago. Most of you know I write about my own experiences in my posts ( check here). I just wrote as the thoughts came and as I’m practicing my writing where every day I write whether I want to or not! I have penned a few more. I’ll be posting them up, …….again me exposed! he he  aah!

So as this was the first it’s up first. I’ll be saving them under LOVE JISELLE  so you can look out for them there. Thanks for following, commenting and all your support so far guys.

Here goes……..


Who would want to see

My thoughts on paper be.

Exposed for all to see.

Out in cyber space

Could never  be erased.

This is me exposed

My cuts, scrapes,bruises & scabs

some still fresh and raw.

As I write I see

the inner parts of me

in print as clear as day

so many things to say.

As I pen I see

 healing within me.

For my thoughts are out

no longer imprisoned

inside of me.

Oh what freedom it is!

Though exposed

I’m free!

Free to explore the inside of me

getting to the truth

of who I am

getting to the truth of me.

love Jiselle

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