Total Life Changes Products

Hey everyone!

As many of you know I am an Independent business owner (IBO) with Total Life Changes. One of the reasons for starting  this blog was so my clients could have an easy reference to products they want, and also have an idea of what the product will help them with.

In this section I have listed some Total Life Changes products. I have included brief explanations of how the products work and how they may help you.  Total Life Changes makes no medical claims about their products. I simply give you information from my experience and the experiences of others. You will read and see what the products have done for them and may be able to do for you.

I have separated the products into skincare, weight loss and health and wellness to try and make it easier to find.

How I Started Total Life Changes

I joined this company without ever hearing a presentation. My good friend told me excitedly she was going to lose weight using a tea and invited me to join. Reluctantly I joined the company, not knowing what it was about or even that they sold products other than tea!

My other business was still doing well, so I really sold the tea as an after thought. People began to “bother” me for the tea. There was always someone asking for more or referring others to get it.  By December of 2015 the income from my main business began to slow down. However because of the Christmas season I did not immediately feel the effects of it.

Why I Stayed With Total Life Changes

At the end of February 2016 I was in crisis mode! My daily income had become my weekly income, then my monthly income! I needed a solution quickly! So when I said Lord what going on here!! help!!! He showed me he had already given me the solution. My friend called me at this time and told me our team would be having a training. It would be on a Sunday afternoon at least six hours round trip. Plus I would have to take public transportation half the way. The last week in February 2016 I was properly introduced to Total Life Changes for the first time.

My friend and I could hardly contain ourselves during the meeting!  We both had been in the Multi Level Marketing business for over a decade and never seen anything quite like what we were seeing. I could have slapped myself!  Here I was trying to hold on to a business that was not working for me anymore and I had something else that worked much better I was not using!

After that Sunday evening we began to work! I had many sleepless nights where I downloaded and listened to anything I could find on the company and its products. Within a month we were seeing the benefits financially and physically from Total Life Changes.

Since then our families and friends have seen dramatic changes in their lives from either using the products or joining the business. I’ve seen persons that have struggled with their health for years have amazing results from using the products. Becoming an IBO with Total Life Changes really allows you to make money fast. Selling the products I am able to get paid daily, which is important for me. I am a mom of three girls and really I can’t depend on anyone to help me provide for them. I have house expenses, my mortgage to pay, plus our personal expenses. Total Life Changes has allowed me to start getting my life back on track.

My Total Life Changes Results

My girls and I have also seen our lives transformed. I had always suffered with allergies and bronchitis from an early age. People thought I was always sick! I would be blowing my nose or rubbing my eyes all the time. I also had issues with wheezing, especially around October and December.  My sinus would also constantly be irritated.  After using the Nutra Burst for a month I realized we were no longer sneezing and blowing our noses in a chorus!

My eldest daughter now slept through the night without getting up to blow her nose. I no longer had to make regular doctor visits every month. one of my daughter’s has had eczema and she stopped getting the rashes on her skin every month. My youngest always came home with a runny nose from day care. That was no longer happening. There was no more hair all over the bathroom floor to sweep up. How do I know it was the Nutra Burst helping us? I sold our supply two months straight. What a disaster that was!  My daughters begged me to buy back their Nutra burst! They constantly reminded me until I got it back.

You can go to each sub menu (Skin Care, Weight Loss or Health & Wellness) and see which product might be beneficial for you. You can either call or message me to order your product. I linked the products to my Total Life Changes site. If you want to purchase the product without directly contacting me you can do so using my IBO number 6314211.

I hope the information and testimonies help you make an informed decision.

God bless!