Perfect Me

Hey everyone, happy new year to you all!

I wrote Perfect Me last year and thought I would share. We all can agree most of us say no one is perfect.  What is perfect to you though? My perfect and your perfect can be two totally different things.

We all have different interpretations of words and their meanings. Some based on how we grew up and some have nothing to do with the dictionary meaning.

You may have heard a person or group use a word incorrectly and you carry that with you your entire life never venturing to find the true meaning of it. But isn’t that true with certain mindsets and actions as well. I encourage you to take look at the things in your life (your tribe or family) that you do that do not give you the result you want, but you continue to do anyway. Take the time to search for the way that will give you a better results.

Perfect Me

I don’t have to be the perfect you want me to be.

I just have to be the perfect representation of me

who God created when He thought of me.

When He said let there be light

I was already in Him

waiting for the right time to come into the earth realm.

For the time when the things He put in me

would be necessary at this point in eternity.

As I live I try daily to yield so His glory can be seen.

Daily as I say yes to the purpose God buried in me

I see parts of me I never thought could be.

Parts I see and wonder….

How can this be! Is this really me?

Amazed and in awe of what can be

once I continually yield

It causes me to want to be all I can possibly be.

So I continue to say yes.

Yes, no matter what my eyes see

or what my ears hear.

I choose to say yes to that voice within.

Yes to my Lord, Redeemer and King.

I pray always I allow You to guide my path and

be submitted to your will for me.

So I can be the perfect me,

your original intent when you thought of me.

Love Jiselle




7 thoughts on “Perfect Me”

  1. Very nice! Perfect is different in everyones eyes , isn’t it? Throw love into the mix and what we see in ourselves as an imperfection our loved one might see as something beautiful!

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