Successful Living – Get Up & Move On!

Hey guys,

So it’s been a while, so many things have happened since I last showed up. I’ve started a few new ventures, rearranged the blog a little and that which I feared the most came upon me.

baby getting up from the floor

In turning 37, I was pretty comfortable with me and who I was at that time. I was happy, healthy and free!  But somewhere along the way I gave up my new inner peace and joy.

Thoughts which should not have been allowed to stay in my mind and be comfortable were left to be meditated on and become a part of me, even though it was not me.

I distinctly remember one particular thought “Why are you so happy?” there was an accusatory tone to the question as though I had no right to be happy!

Sure enough after a few attempts, I stupidly choose to let that thought affect me and how I operated. Once that one got in ‘you are lonely’ showed up along with a few others and I let the door open for whoever else wanted to come in.

I heard someone say your thoughts spill out into your actions. If you are telling yourself you can’t then sure enough you will not.  So, for far too long, even though there were many life lines thrown my way I choose to stay in that place instead of moving on and rejecting the thoughts that came to me.

Many times we say we can’t or don’t know how we got ourselves in certain situations but if we think back I am certain we can see clearly where we dropped the ball.

In living we must remember that the battlefield is truly in our mind. Once someone can influence your thoughts they influence your life. Guarding your mind is important to make sure you live successfully.

  • GUARD YOUR THOUGHTS                                                                                                         You cannot accept every thought that pops up in your mind as your own. It is your responsibility to choose to think on things that are good.
  1. Philippians 4:8 says: And now, dear brothers and sisters, one final thing. Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise.

    If you apply this scripture it really helps to guard your mind and heart. It keeps you on a positive road of thinking and actively choosing what you think about.


There is no shame in telling someone you trust that you are not feeling your usual self. There must be someone in your life that you trust and can speak to, not necessarily to give advice but just to listen.


Sometimes we do everything else under the sun but look within. Busy with living but not actually living life, letting life live us. Doing things should never be allowed to be more important than being whole and healthy.


Always take time to be true to yourself and where you are at. If you are not true to yourself then you are lying to yourself and everyone around you. Look back for a refresher! Be true


In staying where you shouldn’t be you are not only harming yourself but others that are connected to you. You are unnecessarily putting your life in reverse. The longer you take to get up the more opportunities you miss and the more junk you have to get rid of.  Who is waiting on you to get your act together?


God provides the help we need, the bible says He provides a way of escape. For goodness sake, don’t ignore it then say you don’t know what to do. Too many times we choose to stay broken and not take the help provided and get on with living.

Help comes in many forms: sermons, videos, books, direct words of encouragement from someone. However it comes grab hold of it and use it to the fullest.

Moving on….

I’ve come to the place where I acknowledge life will be life, the difference is how we choose to see it on any given day and how we choose to live daily.  My Pastor asked me if my perception of my life is correct. I gave up the truth for a lie.

Is your perception of your life correct?

So easily sometimes we choose to give up the truth for a lie. Quite frankly I’m tired of making circles that take me back to where I don’t want to be.

I am truly to old for it I don’t have the luxury of time anymore.  I have too much to do,to keep doing that. So once again I’ve chosen to get up and move from where I should not be and go in the direction of abundant life.

We must choose to live successfully daily by having a daily plan for improvement. If you are not moving forward you are automatically going backwards. It is our responsibility to decide how we live our lives, whether in victory or defeat.

Iaccept full responsibility for my thoughts

I choose victory. What do you choose?

Continue to live from the inside out. God Bless.


18 thoughts on “Successful Living – Get Up & Move On!”

  1. “Too many times we choose to stay broken and not take the help provided…” This is me. It can be a difficult thing to find happiness within yourself, and even harder to believe that you deserve it. Thank you for this post.

  2. I love the message you are expressing in this blog post! Taking responsibility for your thoughts and actions is such a great sign of maturity 🙂 Great post!

  3. Love your post. I’ve taken on the same outlook as you have and it makes a huge difference in how my days go and how I feel when my days don’t quite go as I had hoped. I recognize Joyce Meyer and Jack Canfield in your writing. They’re 2 of my favorite inspirations. Keep it going. You’re amazing!

    1. thanks Dianne! I haven’t come across Jack Canfield as yet but I will definitely look for him. I used to listen to Joyce Meyer when I was home on sick leave some years ago,but I think its probably because we all read the bible we sound so similar!hehe.

  4. Speaks volumes! Been going through similar feelings until recently as of Saturday after our mentorship class at Abundant Love Tabernacle I’m going to shake off that feeling of unwantedness <if that's a word lol and the feeling of not being accepted. Got to really start living me.
    Thank you jiselle for that testimony. Sometimes i would ask myself am i the only who's feeling this way? I think I over think things unnecessarily

    1. thanks for reading Adyoka! Life is a journey that is not easy, people sometimes make you feel they don’t have issues but everyone has something that they are dealing with. the key is to apply God’s word continually to your life and make decisions with the help of the Holy spirit.
      Live intentionally daily. Intend to succeed!
      Be blessed love.

  5. So true… we are responsible for our state of mind and health and physical and emotional being. I just wish people stopped playing the blame game and accepted their part in their life challenges.

  6. Great post, Gisele!

    The most important thing for me is to be true. To myself. I also believe that asking for help shows we are confident enough to accept that we’re not good at everything, and that’s ok. And it shows that we’re willing to learn. 🙂

    Dani x

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