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Hey guys,

Happy Holy week to all.  The words ‘I declare‘ have been doing a dance in  my mind for some time. I’ve been thinking on the importance of speaking positively to yourself daily and declaring what you want to see in your life.

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This has admittedly been on my mind since last year and I probably would have done better if I had continued practicing it daily.

Life is such that sometimes it’s a battle just to stay positive.
Lets face it, if you don’t talk to yourself that might be the only positive thing you hear for the day.

Sometimes we find ourselves hiding from people, well….. I do at least! haha!!!  I just really don’t want you to mess up my day by me having to unnecessarily fight off your negative comments. The negativity becomes so much a part of some people, it’s all they speak and when you say no they get upset and say it again. Look …if you want to keep your negative thoughts you are welcome to them but really I don’t have to agree with you!

So usually when I get a statement or scripture that really resonates with me I would write it on paper and read it out loud, sometimes every morning or when I feel the need to. I have found that when I arm myself with this weapon I am most likely not to fall into the trap of agreeing with negative comments or speaking negatively myself.

There are often little things we do daily that keep us moving forward intentionally.

We sometimes don’t realise until we stop doing them and wake up where we don’t want to be.

 I believe intentional living is important. Someone told me recently I think too much. I will definitely have to disagree, it is only when I stop thinking and just live I get results I don’t want.

I am seeing more and more the things I did that I took for granted are the things that kept me going. They kept me fighting the issues of life, and kept me afloat on my journey.

What have you stopped doing that is vital to you living life effectively? The bible says that David encouraged himself in the Lord. Are you encouraging yourself daily or depending on others to do it for you?

Often when situations arose I would automatically hear one of the scriptures I had written in my head, helping me push and move past the situation.

Some Declarations or Statements I use
  • GREATER IS HE THAT IS WITHIN ME THAN HE THAT IS                                                   IN THE WORLD

Being focused and strategic is important to living successfully. Get to know who you are so you can be that person. Know what it takes to be you and stay on the path you have chosen.

I choose to be more aware of myself. This is just one of the things I do to keep myself moving forward. What are some of the things you say to yourself or declare?

As I continue to think on my life and as I listen to God’s word I try to align my life with His word. God’s word is truth and life. The truth is admittedly sometimes hard to swallow because it forces you to admit your errors. You have to admit you were wrong accept the truth and move forward in truth.

 I continue to press because I am determined to win. Though I may have fallen and stumbled many times I refuse to give up. I have read since my childhood that there is life in Christ. I am determined to reach to the place where I can say I finished the race.

God bless!

16 thoughts on “Successful Living – I Declare”

  1. I love your perspective on being strategic and focused. We have to be strategic about what we put in our minds and what we let ourselves think as well. And nothing is better than dwelling on God’s Word!
    Thank you for sharing Jiselle!

  2. I have been at the point lately in my life where I know I need some change. Mostly in my attitude. Thank you for sharing your insight. Very inspiring.

  3. Great encouragement post for people to remember to be positive, so many people see negative all the time. If you see positive, positive vibes will come to you. I thank God that I have a roof over my head and that I have a healthy family.

  4. I often tell myself not to judge people because there are always two sides to a story and you have to place yourself in another’s shoes to really understand what people are going through. People are often negative because they can’t see the bright side of things and to be honest it’s easy to be negative. When someone says something negative to me I often try to turn things around to show them there is always a positive to any situation.

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