Successful Living – Input=Output?

Hey everyone

How have you been since you last visited? I hope you are moving in the direction you want to go. So I’ve been thinking for some time now about input = output. Is what you put in really always what you get back?

My mind has gone in this direction because I have thought of the things that have brought me to my present place.

I have found that I have spent many hours listening to and reading positive information.

Much of the information has been quite helpful along the way to build my faith no matter how life decided to play. I must admit however some of the input wasn’t so wholesome and caused me to make some errors along the way.

Nevertheless whether I fell, ran, walked, stood or swayed, whether I was discouraged or motivated I was able to move forward (sometimes crawl forward!!!) because of my input.

What if I had decided to leave the input on the shelf? What if I had not gone to the seminars, bought the sermons, read the books. Where would I be now?

Once we are living, good and bad can’t be avoided. What if we choose to take in more good than bad though. Wouldn’t the outcome be a more  positive than negative look? Is there a ratio of positive:negative that is needed to move forward or win in life?

Well after thinking and observing for a while I had to scrap this theory. I observed that even though some people (myself included!) are exposed to a lot of positive input they still somehow sometimes choose to give negative output.  My conclusion? It’s really a choice, at any given moment you must decide what you say and how you react.

If you decide to expose yourself to positive will you really listen and live from that positive outlook or will you choose negative (which seems to be default for most of the population). Again it comes down to you, what do you choose?

Recently my pastor brought further clarity on this subject for me. She pointed out that everything we hear and see leaves a seed. Even though we may think something does not affect us it often lies dormant until an event, word or thoughts trigger a reaction from us. Wow!!!! That is both scary and awesome at the same time!

Scary because I really don’t want any fruit from some of the things I have heard and seen over the past years. Really…. some things I’ve heard and let stay in me have produced some not so nice outcomes.

However, it’s awesome because I’ve read and heard some excellent life changing things as well that will hopefully work for me given the right environment.

So taking all this into consideration I decided to limit my conversations with some persons and avoid conversations altogether with others.  You know sometimes you listen to people out of respect but you really prefer not to, well I had to learn to respect my need for less negative input.

I also had to change some of the movies and tv series I choose to look at. I reallllly  enjoyed some of them (yes those extras are deliberate!! haha…) but I decided that I don’t want some of the things I saw in some of those shows to manifest in my life. I decided I am exposed to enough garbage involuntarily, why should I then want to deliberately contaminate my life!

I think the deciding factor in one instance was when I started thinking with the accent and using the slang!!! Oh my gosh!! I said to myself: ‘Really Jiselle…I think you overdid it a bit much!!’.  Can you imagine if I’m thinking with an accent what else has gotten its way into my conscience waiting to show up!

I also had to choose to generate more positive output! Imagine that! Decide to act right. Now my acting right is based on bible principles, cause everyone will have their own opinion on what is right and what is wrong, which will usually change depending on their mood or who they are dealing with.

However the word of God changeth not (yes I got all ancient on you! hehe! ooh!).

hands typing on a computer

 I encourage you to check your input:
  • Is your input helping you with your life journey?
  • Are you moving forward or backward due to your input ?
  • Is what you are exposing yourself to taking you to your intended destination?
  • Is what you expose yourself to really what you want to see manifested in your life?

What are you taking in that you shouldn’t, and what should you be including in your input that you haven’t?

Our input shapes our thinking, speaking the way we live and determines whether we grow or not. 

It’s safe to say then that the more we choose to use the good input we expose ourselves to the better our output or the way we live.

Now of course, all these are my thoughts from what I have observed, just me thinking from the inside out.

Tell me, what shapes your thinking and affects the way you see yourself and you life?

God bless!!!



17 thoughts on “Successful Living – Input=Output?”

  1. This is a great post – and a lot to consider! I think it is important to reassess your life regularly and what you are putting energy into and is it worth it!

  2. I think we are almost the same on how we think. I would rather have organized thoughts before making actions and organized actions before showing my character. Thank you by the way for this helpful information.

  3. Having positive input gives you positive results! This is such a great post and I appreciate all your thoughts. Thank you for sharing

  4. This is a great read. Never thought of it this way but it’s a great way of thinking. Always like to re-evaluate things and see if I’m on the journey I’ve planned for myself. Thank you!

  5. This is a great reminder for me to reassess myself. I admit I’m also guilty with some things I watch on TV or read online that don’t add value to me. Need to stop exposing myself to negativities. Thanks for this 🙂

  6. This is deep. Thank you for being real and diving into this topic. This is sometimes hard to talk about because we don’t want to think that the “harmless” shows, movies, music, whatever it is that we indulge in can have a real impact on our minds and lives – but they do! Such an important reminder. Thank you!

  7. Great post, definitely encourages one to look deeper and see what is of true value in their lives. I will be taking some time to cull some things that don’t add any true value in my life!

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